Son of a Tailor Try-On Campaign: Jonathan Harboe

Actor and model Jonathan Harboe tries on his custom fit made-to-order Son of a Tailor T-Shirt.


Direction by Ruben Hughes, Capture by Rune Bach, Editing by Andreas Langhorn, Hair & Make-up by Sabine, Assisting by Andreas Pless

Made By Son of a Tailor Campaign: 4 Steps to Making a Custom Fitted Garment

There's a person and a story behind every Son of a Tailor T-Shirt, Polo and Sweatshirt. In Portugal, their suppliers employ real people who have years of experience, skill and devotion required to construct our clothing. Their close and trusted relationship ensures good working standards and fair wages. Together, they curate every step of production, from sourcing raw materials to the construction of the finished garment.


Direction by Ruben Hughes, Capture & Editing by Morten Nordstrøm, Production by Carlos Vilaça

The T-Shirt. Son of a Tailor: Jakob Kristoffersen of Bang & Olufsen

“My work is all about understanding consumer needs and translating those into design and products that people actually use. My style in apparel is super simple, but just as with the products I create, materiality and fit is important.” —Jakob Kristoffersen, Concept and Design Manager of Bang & Olufsen in a feature film with Son of a Tailor.


Direction by Ruben Hughes, Capture & Editing by Morten Nordstrøm